Should You Buy Coverage Direct Online?

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Imagine you have an illness that needs medical attention. Instead of seeing a doctor, you decide to buy medication online that is supposed to treat your illness.

Three weeks later, you feel even worse. You finally go in to see a doctor, who tells you this could have been treated very simply if you received medical attention right away. Now you need surgery and the medical bills begin to pile up.

Would you take a chance on your own health in order to save a little money?

The answer is absolutely not.

So why would you do this when insuring the things that matter most to you? This is exactly what someone does when they purchase insurance directly from an online provider.

Direct Online Schtick

You’ve seen the commercials. “Purchase only what you need to be legal!” “Stop wasting money on your insurance!”

These companies will save you money, however, when the time comes where you need to rely on your insurance and put in a claim, it’s possible you won’t be fully covered.

When purchasing from these companies, you may fail to include important aspects of insurance such as replacement cost, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, among many others.

They lure you in by telling you to “only pay for what you need,” but how is the average person supposed to know what they truly need?

What Could Happen

Let’s relate the first hypothetical to insurance.

State laws require you to have a minimum amount of insurance.

Yes, having minimum insurance will be the cheapest, but let’s say you are not paying attention during your drive home from work and you rear-end someone pretty severely.

The driver and passenger both get out of the damaged car grabbing their neck and are taken away in an ambulance.

Will your minimum amount of insurance cover the entire cost of a totaled car and the two passengers’ medical bills?

The answer is probably not.

There are many things in life you can cut corners on. Insurance is not one of them. The unfortunate part is, it is often too late when people realize this.

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How We Help

Insurance agents are not trying to be sleazy by selling you higher insurance limits or extra coverages. They are doing it to protect you when you need it.

The agents at CRG excel at balancing price and coverage.

We are able to find you the proper coverage to feel secure while making sure we stay within your budget.

If you know of someone who has their insurance from an online provider, be sure they know the risks involved. They may not know their home is underinsured, or they don’t have the important coverage they really need.

The only way to know you have the right insurance is to contact a professional. If you know someone who is questioning their insurance coverage, refer them to an agent at CRG.

Having the peace of mind that a local, independent agent is working with your best interest in mind, is worth much more than saving a few dollars.

If you know someone that could benefit from the services of a CRG agent, forward this to them!