What To Do After An Accident

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So you accidentally rear-ended the car in front of you on your way home from work. You are understandably shaken up and your mind starts racing. You had always known getting into an accident was a possibility, but you never really thought about what should be done after one occurs. In reality, you are not alone. Not everyone knows what to do and what not to do after an accident. Luckily, your agents at CRG Services are here to help.

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Is everyone OK?

First things first, MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS OK! Check to see if everyone in your vehicle is unharmed, as well as the other vehicle.

If someone is seriously injured, call 911.

Take pictures

Nowadays nearly everyone has a cell phone or mobile device on them at all times. If you do, be sure to take pictures of the damage done to all of the vehicles.

Move vehicles

If the accident occurred in traffic and all vehicles are able to still be driven, move the vehicles out of traffic either on the side of the road, a side street, or a parking lot.

This not only keeps traffic moving but keeps you and the other driver out of harm’s way while you exchange information.

Get information

Be sure to get an accurate record of the other driver’s name, address, phone number, insurance information, type of car, and license plate number.

Do not take the other person’s word for granted!

Feel free to ask to see either a driver’s license or documentation so you know the opposite party is telling the truth.

If there are any witnesses to the accident that have stopped to help, be sure to take down their information as well.

Police involvement

If a police officer has not yet arrived, one should be called in order for a report to be filed*. This is for your protection as well. Having a third party is crucial in determining fault.

An accident report by a police officer is extremely helpful during the claims process. The officer will question both drivers, so be sure you answer truthfully and to the best of your abilities.

If you have obtained all the information you need, and have cooperated with the police, your job is done at the accident scene.

Get home and/or get treated

You may arrange for transportation home or if your car has minimal damage and can be driven SAFELY, you may do so.

Often times injuries from a car accident are not felt until hours after the accident. So if you do start to feel an injury, do not ignore it. Get the help you need.

Call your agent

The final step after an accident is to call your insurance agent. Your agent at CRG will get the information needed from you and direct you towards your insurance carrier’s claims center.

During the claims process, your agent will be as hands-on as they can be. We are here to help in any way we can.


Do not admit fault or sign anything admitting fault. This will be determined by the police and the insurance company.

Do not leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information. Even if you simply bump into a car in the parking lot, leave a note with your information. Leaving the scene of an accident is a major violation.

*Important note: Police will not always respond. If it is a minor accident, it is more likely they will not. A report may need to be filed either in person at the station or online.