Insurance Discounts

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Insurance is a necessity, so everyone wants to know how you can get the right coverage at the best price available. The good news is your independent agent does just that! Here at CRG, the agents make sure you are getting all the discounts you are eligible for.

Now, what are all these discounts? We will touch on a few of them in this article.

Multi-Policy Discount

This is probably the most common and easiest way to save money on insurance.

When you have your auto policy as well as your home/renters policy with the same company, you get a discount. Insurance companies want your business, so in order to attract clients, they offer these types of discounts.

This discount will also apply to umbrella policies, boat policies, among others that carriers offer.

Multi-Car Discount

Another simple way for families to get a nice discount is having multiple cars.

Again, the more of your business insurance companies are able to cover, the happier they are.

Offering a multi-car discount is an attractive selling point for families with multiple drivers and more than one car. So, while your family may be growing fast, your premium doesn’t have to grow as quickly.

Good Student Discount

As your children start to get older, you blink and they are getting their licenses. With this comes higher rates for “youthful drivers.”

In order to combat this, parents can encourage their children to do well in school in order to receive a good student discount. Most companies give this discount to students with a 3.0 GPA and above. This can apply to young drivers in high school, as well as college students.

Paperless Discount

In our increasingly digital world today, more and more insurance carriers are giving discounts if you choose to go “paperless.”

This means your documents, ID Cards, and bills would be delivered digitally. This would either be through e-mail or on the company’s website.

Obviously, it costs more money for insurance carriers to constantly mail out documents as opposed to sending a digital copy. Do not be surprised if your carrier offers this discount in the near future if it doesn’t already.

Pay-Plan Discount

There are a variety of different payment options for your insurance policies. However, there are a couple of specific plans that offer discounts.

One of these plans being a paid in full discount. It makes sense if you look at this from the perspective of the insurance company. There is more risk of not receiving the full annual premium if the insured chooses to pay in installments, as opposed to paying it all upfront.

An additional smaller discount is sometimes offered for monthly EFT/Credit Card payments. The reason for this smaller discount is because these are automatic withdrawals, and it is not up to the insured to remember to pay the bill on time.


These are only a few of the discounts offered by insurance carriers. There are countless others that can be industry-wide or specific to one carrier.

It is a luxury to have an independent agent you can trust, that knows the industry enough to get you the discounts you are eligible for.

Agents at CRG know exactly how to do this.

If you know of anyone who should be saving more on insurance, forward this to them!

*Not all carriers offer all the discounts listed. Some may require certain standards to be met making clients ineligible to receive a specific discount. The discounts listed are common industry-wide. To discuss further contact your CRG agent.