Home Security Discounts

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Sure, insurance protects you after a loss, but how can you prevent such an event from even happening in the first place? There are several ways you can protect your home thanks to developing technology. You may be aware of most of them, but did you know insurance companies offer home security discounts for these protective devices? Yes, they do. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Smoke Detectors

One of the most obvious protective devices you can install in your home is a smoke detector. They have become so common that insurance companies are trending towards not offering a discount for them anymore.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems are another widely known protective device. Although uncommon, insurance companies do give nice discounts if you have one in your home. Also, if you are in an apartment complex that has a sprinkler system you could also qualify for a discount on your renters’ policy.

Security Systems

Another well-known protective device that can be installed in your home is a security system. They can vary in the level of protection and what they protect against. A basic security system will usually only protect against burglary, most often times only sounding an alarm. A more secure system will alert local police there has been a break-in or unusual activity at your home. Another step above that would be a system that alerts for fire or flooding in your home.

When it comes to insurance discounts, some carriers will offer a flat discount for security systems and others will offer more of a discount for the number of risks the system protects you from (ex: a system that protects against burglary, fire, and water would have more of a discount than just burglary).

Smart Homes

As new technology develops for home security, more and more developments are qualifying for discounts. Whether it is a camera in your doorbell, or a home security system managed from your smartphone, smart home security systems are developing daily.

Ring is a new technological development that has become very popular. It is basically a camera in your doorbell that displays the footage on your smartphone. It can alert you when there is movement or someone at your door, and you can even talk through the device from your smartphone. Ring is also starting to offer smart home security systems.

Smart home security systems you may have heard of are SimpliSafe, Vivint, and now Ring. These systems are shipped directly to you and you install them yourself according to their manuals. These systems can detect everything from fire, theft, water, carbon monoxide, among other home risks. Again, these systems are managed from your smartphone and can alert you in case any of the previously mentioned events occur.

Talk to Your Agent

New home protective devices are still developing. If you have one of the above-mentioned devices or one that wasn’t listed, make sure your agent knows about it. Having open conversations about your home insurance with your local CRG agent ensures that your home is properly protected while getting the best deal available.